Monday, April 14, 2014


- Less romance, more business.
- Uninvited strangers occupied our bedroom, unexpected ... (what I was about to write. I forgot). Mom decided to let them stay in here(my home) without my approval. I hate that staying with tenants. Almost 5-6 years, I stayed with them.

I kicked my good friend out of the bedroom. Then, sis was staying there. I don't allow her to stay with me in my room. Even I don't like to live with my sister. If I live alone by myself, it's bliss for me. I don't want to live with anyone. Solitude gives me clear vision and discipline. Get disciplined.

Anyway, I don't give a fuck to them. It's better to try to be a better man. Note, note, notes... I know that you're my master and help me to grow and shine.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Хөнжилний хээ цагираглан хэвтсэн муур мэт харагдахад
Дагина минь сэтгэлд тодорч, нүдэнд үзэгдэнэ.

Бадрал багшийн хэлдэгээр Дагина гэж гоё үг байна шүү. Сүхбаатарын талбайн шалыг угаах л дутаж.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Чамайг би зөндөө үнэрлэлээ
Чамайгаа санахаараа
Хураасан үнэрээ гаргаж
Сэтгэлээ би тэжээх...